David Miles Huber - Relaxation Meditation With Music Nature


Ocean Dreams
1-1 Hidden Cove 30:00
1-2 Ocean Shores 30:00
Summer Solitude
2-1 Afternoon Stream 30:00
2-2 Evening Sunset 30:00
Spring Showers
3-1 Morning Rain 30:00
3-2 Evening Thunder 30:00
Mountain Streams
4-1 Sugarloaf Creek 30:00
4-2 Red Mountain River 30:00
Distant Shores
5-1 Paradise Bay 30:00
5-2 Sunset Point 30:00


These Compact Discs were recorded, edited and produced entirely in the digital domain, using a portable digital audio tape (DAT) recorder and an IBM-based hard disk editing system from Digital Audio Labs (Plymouth, MN).
The process of recording nature sounds in our modern-day world of cars, trucks and airplanes is far from easy. In fact, nature sampling is an art that often involves travel into remote areas. Often conditions are such that the art demands that the recordings be made at odd-hours. For example, Morning Rain (Disc #3) was recorded at 6:00 AM on July 5th, 1992. This was a perfect time as it was early on a Sunday morning, the night after the nation's birthday party. This meant that everyone was asleep and nothing was stirring outside my log cabin but the gentle rain, the birds and me.
Even under the most favorable condition, it's impossible to escape the noise of the combustion engine (in one form or another). This brings us to the fact that that wonderful quiet that allows us to enjoy nature is disappearing at an alarming rate. Even in remote areas you could count yourself lucky if you can get from 3 to 5 minutes of uneffected, natural sound. Needless-to-say, this project wouldn't have been possible without my computer-based audio editing system.
Once the ambient sounds were compiled and edited into 30-minute segments, the time came to compose a soundtrack that would compliment the mood. This was done with the help of various electronic instruments and a sequencer (which lets you to control and edit the sounds that are reproduced from these instruments from a computer).
David Miles Huber - Relaxation  Meditation With Music  Nature
Artist: David Miles Huber
Album's name: Relaxation & Meditation With Music & Nature
Label: Laserlight Digital ‎– 15 923
Series: Relaxation & Meditation With Music & Nature –
Type: 5 x CD
Country: US
Date of released: 13 Apr 1993
Category: Electronic
Style: Ambient
Size: 1647 mb